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Hello! Welcome to Baby Blue Eyes Birth Services, LLC.  I am proud to offer birth and antepartum/postpartum doula services to the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA metro area. Additionally, I offer a VBAC preparation class in both private and group settings.

I feel strongly that it takes a village these days. Adding a doula for your birth, antepartum or postpartum period can help make the transition to parenthood or expansion of your family easier. I would be honored to become part of your village as you begin this exciting chapter.

Benefits of a Doula

Having a doula does many things for families in labor including:

  • lower use of Pitocin

  • decreases chance of cesarean birth

  • lower use of pain medication

  • higher satisfaction with their birth process

Having a doula for the postpartum period does the following:

  • provides emotional & physical support

  • resource for evidence-based information

  • support for partner and siblings of new baby

Client Reviews

“Through pregnancy, labor, and birth there are so many decisions you have to make. Deciding to have a doula is one of the best ones we made! I do not know what I would have done without her knowledge and support. My labor was not an easy one but Sarah was there to talk me through things and help me be as comfortable as possible. If you are considering hiring a doula you should, especially if it’s Sarah! — Cara S.

Sarah was an incredible support for my husband and I throughout our pregnancy and birth experience! I felt safe with her and respected by her, never judged or uncomfortable in her presence. She made it easy for me to relax and feel my way through the birth process, with gentle encouragement and reassurance when I needed it. She thought of all the little things we were too busy to consider - asking the nurses for a birth ball, getting me warm chicken broth, bringing my husband a coffee when he ran out. She suggested different positions and options as I labored and helped me feel encouraged when things started to feel out of control. She helped me be brave enough to listen to my intuition and advocate for myself and my needs as the process unfolded. I truly believe that hiring Sarah was one of the key things that led to our successful VBAC.” — Kelly K.

Best of luck to you with your pregnancy and birth!“I absolutely could not have done this successfully without her! She helped me with my birth plan and made sure the doctors and nurses understood and honored my wishes for my birth. Thank you for stepping in and supporting me on this journey. I highly recommend choosing her as a doula"!” — Ayana J.

“Sarah was such a blessing to use during our pregnancy and throughout our delivery. She was supportive of our choices and how we wanted our birth to unfold. She was a great advocate during delivery, for both my husband and I. She never pushed her own agenda and was a great addition to my care team. I am so thankful she is forever a part of my daughter’s birth story. I highly recommend Sarah and the excellent service she provides.” — Stephanie M.

“If it wasn’t for Sarah, my husband and I would not have gotten the birth experience we had. She was amazing and everything we could’ve asked for in a doula” — Sabrina L."

“We are so thankful to have had Sarah be our doula for our successful VBAC. She was very flexible with us, knowledgeable about different techniques and things, and supportive. Because my husband and I are both fairly soft spoken, it was nice to have her as sort of a devil’s advocate to really point out pros and cons of anything that came up. She was always sure to remind us of that whatever we choose to do is our decision completely, but it was just nice to have an extra voice to talk things over with. Having a doula was incredibly well worth the money.” — Hylarie M.

About Me





My name is Sarah. I am a cesarean mom and a two time VBAC mom residing in Omaha, NE. I have been married to my husband for 10 years and we have three beautiful children. My personal birth and postpartum experiences changed the course of my life and set me down the path to becoming a doula. I am a certified VBAC Doula through The VBAC Link. I am pursuing certification for postpartum through CAPPA.

I understand the importance of the day a person sees their child for the first time. It ranks among the most memorable days of a person's life. How a person gives birth and they way they are treated during labor and delivery matters so much.

My role as a doula is to support the birth plan my families design and desire. I am supportive of people laboring and delivering where they feel most comfortable, whether that be at a hospital or birth center, and in some circumstances, at home. I do not speak for my clients, but rather empower them to advocate for themselves.

I bring that same support and commitment to the families that I support as an antepartum and postpartum doula. Preparing for a new little one’s arrival while on bedrest can be challenging, and an antepartum doula helps during this stressful time to lessen the burden. As a postpartum doula, I will help ease the fourth trimester transition to help parents feel confident in their new or expanded role.

I am also a VBAC Educator teaching a class to prepare VBAC families for their birth. My VBAC class is designed to help VBAC hopeful families gain knowledge and confidence for their desired birth. My support doesn’t end when the class is over as I remain available for questions through my class participants delivery.

I am affiliated with Greatest Adventure Doula Services for both birth and postpartum doula services. I offer sibling doula services to families that select a Greatest Adventure Doula for their birth (based on availability and need).




DONA Birth Doula Training
May 2018

CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training

March 2019


The VBAC Link - Certified VBAC Doula (CVD)


Spinning Babies Workshop
July 2018 & February 2018

Infant CPR Certified

February 2019



Volunteer Experience

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter Co-Leader
ICAN of Omaha     
December 2014 to Present


Services & Pricing

BIRTH: Birth doula services include:

  • Two prenatal appointments

  • Text message, email , and phone support from time of contract signing

  • On-call 24/7 availability starting two weeks prior to estimated due date

  • Continuous presence during labor after being contacted by client once doula support is needed

  • 1-2 hours post-labor presence

  • One postnatal visit structured as a mini postpartum shift

  • Birth doula services can be customized to fit client’s needs

  • Prices starting at $650; $325 retainer required to hold spot on calendar

ANTEPARTUM: Daytime and evening antepartum doula services can be booked in 2,3, or 4 hour shifts on an as needed basis. These are designed for people on bedrest to assist with typical household duties: Antepartum doula services would include:

  • Light cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Meal preparation & planning

  • Getting children ready for school or bedtime

  • Packages can be created and customized depending on client need

  • Packages starting at $25 per hour

POSTPARTUM : Daytime and evening postpartum doula services can be booked in 4 hour shift packages on an as needed basis. Postpartum doula services would include:

  • Infant care such as bathing, diapering, and feeding

  • General postpartum support for birthing parent and family (based on normal postpartum; if outside of normal, referrals to other professionals will be given)

  • Basic babywearing guidance

  • Assistance with basic breastfeeding issues

  • Helping with older siblings

  • Laundry (baby, birthing parent, or whole family)

  • Light cleaning

  • Meal planning & meal preparation

  • Grocery shopping & errands (additional fee may apply)

  • Packages can be created and customized depending on client need

  • Prices starting at $30 per hour


  • 1 prenatal meeting to meet with child(ren) that will be cared for

  • Childcare while parents are in labor, hospital, or until other childcare arrives

  • Comfortable taking care of pets if needed

  • Prices starting at $30 per hour

ROCK YOUR VBAC CLASS: Consists of a 4 week group class or private in-home class.

Class covering everything you would want to know about having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).

  • Taught by certified VBAC Certified Doula (CVD), 2-time VBAC mom and DONA trained birth doula

  • Evidence based care and research focused curriculum

  • Can be customized for client needs for private class

  • Continuous availability for questions to class participants following completion of class through delivery

  • $150 for series of classes

All services may be purchased for expectant families using a gift certificate. Contact me directly to purchase gift certificate.

Payment types accepted are cash, check, or PayPal.

My Paypal link is or you can send to my email on PayPal at


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